7 Aura

Life's Wellness

A mind free from all disturbances is Yoga.


Peace Be With You

7 Aura – Life’s Wellness is a holistic yoga centre situated in the civic district of Singapore. We offer a range of yoga courses for both leisure and serious yoga students.

At 7 Aura, we believe in harnessing the sacred powers of yoga to aid in healing the mind, body and soul. Through our emphasis on correcting the alignment of the body during each Asanas (yoga pose) with the help of props and ropes ensure that no Asana is too difficult for any of our student.

Our peaceful yoga sanctuary housed in a restored turn of the 19th century shophouse overlooks the skyline of the cityhall area. We offer a range of yoga classes such as hatha which introduces basic asanas for beginners to classes such vinyasa flow and ashtanga for those more looking towards a rigorous yoga session to the elegant iyengar style of yoga.

A healthy body produces a healthy mind and in 7 Aura, through the guidance of our edicated teaching staff, we have a healthy ratio of students to teacher ensuring that each student gets the pre-requist.

To complement our yoga classes, we will from time to time introduce talks, workshops and courses on prenatal yoga for mothers-to-be, mother & baby yoga, crystals healing, tai chi amongst others to provide a well rounded view to assist you in realizing your fullest potential.

May you always have light and joy in your life.

Peace be with you from all of us here at 7 Aura.

- Namaste

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